Presented here in are abstracts of the first 40 years of Naturalization Records for Saline County, Kansas, taken from six books: Book A, a book labeled “1873-1874 First Papers”, Book B, Book C, Book D and Book E. The records begin on 3 September 1866 and end with 26 September 1906. There are 3860 entries in these naturalization records, not including the names of witnesses recorded in Books D and E.

Applicants have listed 38 countries of origin. Intentions were filed in at least 35 counties in Kansas, plus 19 other states – from Rhode Island to California and from North Dakota to Nevada. In many cases the information is sketchy, giving only the name of the applicant, his or her country of origin, and when the declaration of intent was filed. In other instances some of the applicants have used their Civil War discharge as proof of length of residence in the United States. We can also see patterns of westward migration, with First Papers filed in states east or north of Kansas, and Final Papers issued in Saline County.

These records have been copied by members of the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society and Library, Inc., Salina, Kansas, and are published to help you in your search for some of your ancestors.

Book A, 1866-1874

Book B, 1875-1881

Book C, 1881-1903

Book D part 1, 1903-1906

Book D part 2, 1903-1906

Minors, 1903 – 1906 (recorded in Book D)

Book E, 1896-1906

Book of First Papers, 1873 – 1904

These books have been deposited in the Kansas City Branch of the National Archives. Write, call or email to request copies of the records. When calling, ask for an archivist who can help with Saline County, Kansas Naturalization Records.

National Archives
Central Plains Region
400 W. Pershing Road
Kansas City, MO 64108

Check this web site for further information on requesting information from the Kansas City Branch of the National Archives.