These family Bibles are from the collection held in the library of the Smoky Valley Genealogical Society.

Culp Family Bible

Family Record – Marriages
Josephus W. Culp and Elizabeth Flick was married the 14the day of December 1836.
Amos Culp and Mary C. Cox was married the 12th day of December 1861

Family Record – Deaths
Mary Catharine Culp dide (sic) November 29, 1857
Jocephas W. Culp dide (sic) December 27th, 1857
Amanda M. Culp Departed this life March 24th, 1864
Elizabeth Culp Departed this life Aprile (sic) 6th, 1864

Family Record – Births
Josephus W. Culp was born the 16th day of April 1816
Elizabeth Flick wife of Josephus W. Culp was born the 11th July 1810
Amos Culp was born the 28th day of March 1838
Anna Maria Culp was born the 28th day of July 1840
Mary Catherine Culp was born the 21st day of March 1842
Susanna Elizabeth Culp born Oct. 12th, 1844
Amandy McNarry (?) born June 21st 1851 (Handwriting changes on this entry.)

Cox Family Bible

Family Record – Marriages
Isaac Cox Married to Frances Fisher July the 29th 1821
Isaac Cox was born the 30th of June 1787
Joseph Lough was Married to Eveline Cox August the 15the 1839
John Coogle was Married to Susanna Cox July 9th 1840
Joseph F. Cox was Married to Elizabeth Hayhurst August the 15th 1850
Nathan C. Cox was Married to Mathilda Hayhurst November the 27th 1851
Alpha Ralphsnyder was married to Rachel L. Cox March 10th 1853
Richard H. Smith was married to Rachel L. Cox November 29th 1859
Marmaduke D. Cox was Married to Phama B. Ruley December 10th 1861
Amos Culp was married to Mary C. Cox December 12th 1861

Family Record – Births
Susannah Cox was born the 19th of May 1822
Eveline Cox was born the 14th of May 1824
Joseph F. Cox was born the 14th of Sept. 1826
Isaac S. Cox was born the 17th of Aprile (sic) 1828
Nathan C. Cox was born the 31st of October 1830
Christena Cox was born the 11th of December 1832
Charlotte Frances Cox was born the 9th of February 1835
Rachel Levery Cox was born the 13th of July 1837
Marmaduke D. Cox was born the 15th of November 1839
Mary Catharine Cox was born the 24th of November 1842
Matilda Hay ____________was born May the 7, 1828
Sharlotta Francis Cox was born October the 7, 1852

On a page headed “Deaths” were the following births:
Francis Elisabeth Cox was born 30th of Sept 1862
Isaac Newton Cox was born 29th of Oct. 1864
Shalotta Francis Cox departed this life Oct. 20th 1852
Francis Elisabeth Cox departed this life December 11th, 1864
Isaac Cox departed this life December 4, 1864

Ridings Family Bible

This Certifies that the rite of Holy Matrimony was celebrated between Gideon Clapper and Ann M. Whi?? Was married Nov. 18th 1852
Jacob P. Ridings and Ann M. Clapper were married August 28th 1855
(printed format was written over with the above information.)

James E. Ridings August 3, 1884
Andrew Jackson Ridings Sept. 15, 1855
Carrie E. Ridings to John Bevans March 22, 1895
Abram J. Ridings Aug. 29, 1905
George M. Ridings was married Oct. 18, 1913
(no brides were listed)
On same page “Death List”
Uncle Abel Ridings died Jan. 17, 1945

Jocb (?) Ridings was born Nov. 22, 1824
Gideon Clapper was born March 4, 1829
Ann M. White was born March 27, 1830
James M. Clapper (same entry next line) Annie E. Clapper was born Sept. 10, 1853
Andrew J. Ridings was born June 10, 185?
James E. Ridings was born Sept. 15, 1858
Lydie M. Ridings was born Oct. 18, 1859?
Carrie E. Rings (sic) was born Sept. 10, 1860
Alice Ridings was born May 15, 1868
Granville Riding was born July 10, 1864
George M. Ridings was born Aug. 8, 1867
Willy A. Ridings Lillie L. Ridings was born April 6, 1871
Ola M. Ridings was born May 1, 1873
Abram J. Riding was born Sept. 18, 1874 ?
On pages headed “Deaths” continued these births:
Charles Beverly Riding was born Aug. 8, 1876
Johnie Filmore Riding was born March 5, 1879

Gideon Clapper died Aug. 19, 1853
James W. Clapper died April 14, 1857
Alice Ridings died Aug. 31, 1863
Annie E. Clapper nee Funk Died July 5, 1937
Annie M. Ridings died July 12, 1899
Jacob P. Ridings died July 23, 1900
Mayme A. Ridings
Wm. A. Ridings died April 30, 1911
John (?) F. Ridings died Dec. 11, 1915
Ola M. Ridings died Nov. 19, 1920
A.J. Ridings died February 27th 1932