Native Daughters Decorate Graves Of Saline County Pioneers

The Salina Journal: Jun 24, 1923

The second annual pilgrimage of Saline County Chapter No. 1 Native Daughters of Kansas to Gypsum Hill and Calvary cemeteries was held in conjunction with the June meeting of the chapter Tuesday.

Cars left the library at 10 o’clock containing more than thirty members. Mrs. M. L. Mitchell was the chairman of the automobile committee. Flowers brought by the members were laid upon graves of the pioneers. In addition to the pioneers given below, many were remembered, but so far the chapter has been unable to learn the date of settlement in the community.

At noon a picnic luncheon was served under a large tent pitched near the Memorial fountain. Miss Daisy Bush was chairman of the picnic committee.

A short business session was held and it was decided to adjourn for the summer. Also to push the completion of the fountain plot, that the dedication of the fountain may be held soon. A committee will be placed in charge of the play house, which was presented to the chapter by Mrs. Nett Ober Bren and which is to be given away. New members enrolled are: Mrs. R. B. Green, Mrs. M. W. Park, Mrs. C. McCosh and Mrs. W. A. Stolzman.

As a great deal of food was left from the luncheon it was sent to a widow with a family of eight children, who is in destitute circumstances. A bed, mattress and clothing were also pledged for the same cause.

Among the pioneers, whose graves were visited and decorated are the following: Mary Wagstaff Spillman, first president of the chapter.

Horace L. Jones, a U. S. Marshall when he came here in 1860. He had a store where the Farmers National Bank now stands. Mary Wheeler Jones, his wife, a relative of the manufacturers of the Wheeler & Wilson sewing machines, had one of their first machines. She was the third white woman in Salina.

C. R. Underwood, who came here in 1869. Had a grist mill with Eli Rittgers. Eli Rrittgers came to Salina in the 60’s. His wife Jennie came to Kansas in ’71 and to Salina in ’79.

John C. Rash and his wife Lucretia came here in 1870 and had a general merchandise store where the Rash building now is.

Cicero Post also arrived here about 1870 and had a store where Gebhart Hardware now is.

Andrew Muir was another who settled in Salina in the Early ‘70’s.
D. C. Polley was another pioneer who came here in 1865.
Andrew Baird, who passed away this month, came to Saline County in the year of 1870.
John Buchi, Salina’s only florist for many years, settled here in ’67.
Wm. M. and Catherine Jeffries arrived in Salina in 1869 and soon built a hotel on the corner of Park and Ninth, which they conducted successfully many years. Their daughter, Cynthia Matilda, was married in the spring of 1870 to E. W. Ober. He reached Salina in 1869 and was on of Salina’s prominent merchants many years.

B. L. Wilson settled in Salina about 1870 and later married Margaret Jeffries.

Svan Lundborg and wife Beata came to Kansas in 1870.

Dan Whitehead, jeweler, and J. W. Rice, cattleman made Salina their home about 1870.

Sanford Godfrey and family came to Saline County in 1866, just after the close of the Civil War. A daughter, Carrie K. Buzzard and two sons, Champlin and George, rest near him.

Dr. John B. Groger, a pioneer physician settled here in the late 60’s. His wife Lottie came to Salina as a young lady in the early 70’s.

J. B. Hamilton with others from Ohio settled near Bavaria in the late 60’s.

M. E. Quincy came here with his brother, Fred H. Quincy, in 1869. Their father Benj. F. visited them in ’71 and moved here with his wife Mary and family about ‘88. Murilla Quincy and Lucia Quincy Haggart rest near by.

A. B. Dickerson and wife Lucy settled here in the early 70’s.

Captain Charles Bush came to Leavenworth at the close of the Civil War, married there and settled in Salina in 1874.

Mrs. Sarah See, mother of Mrs. Clyde Martin, came here a bride in 1865 from Atchison driving through in a wagon.

Mrs. Charles Wilmarth arrived in Salina in 1867.

P. L. Gebhart pioneer hardware merchant started business in Salina in 1870. His wife Eliza Macy lived here in 1869.

Oscar Seitz, one of Salina’s first druggists, came here in 1866. He rented a location at first but in 1871 built the building now occupied by the Seitz Drug store No. 1. In 1869 he brought his bride, Johanna here.

Dr. J. W. Jenney who lately passed away, settled in Salina in the spring of 1870 and began the hard work a pioneer doctor had.

John Valen, a carpenter was here in 1870 and working on the Jeffries hotel.

Alfred Wellington and wife Sarah came to this county in 1871 and for many years lived on a farm close to the city.

Benj. S. Bean and wife Sarah were married in Salina in 1860.

James Andrews brought his family to Kansas in 1873. A daughter, Olive Andrews Yordy recently passed away.

W. C. Addison came to Salina in 1870, his wife coming shortly after. He was employed in Campbell’s general merchandise store and some time later started a lumber yard. David J. Addison came in 1872.

Sam Wilson, a prominent cattleman who recently died, came to this county in 1872. Later he married Anna Murphy who had arrived in Salina in 1867.

B. F. Marlin settled on a farm in 1870.

A. G. McGill also settled on a farm nearby in 1871.

Albert Ransom and wife Minnie E. came to Salina about the 60’s.

Charles, Susan and James Haskit came to Saline County in the early 60’s.

C. Eberhardt, who lately passed away, was in the lumber business in Salina since his arrival in 1868. His wife came here at the same time.

Mary Voigt Berg came to Salina in 1872. Several years later she became the wife of M. D. Berg.

Capt. J. M. Smith reached Salina in 1875, the year the grasshoppers scoured the country.

Louis and Ida Tressin came to Salina in 1870. He was a tinsmith.

A. Claflin and wife Lucretia settled in Salina in 1870.

Ed Whittman and wife who ran a hotel for years, came here in 1870 or 71.

Jacob and Mary A. Gotshall were also settlers of the early 70’s.

J. D. M. Conrad and wife arrived in the late 60’s; a brother C. S. Conrad came in 1869.

Jonathan and Elizabeth Weaver were other early settlers; their son Earl lived here in the 70’s.

S. M. Carlberg and wife Emma came here in ’69 as young folks, met and married here.

Augustus and Hannah Ahart are thought to have come to this county in the early 70’s.

Charles Radcliffe arrived in 1873.

John Schippel and brothers came to the county in ’58.

Joshua Crowther in the 60’s.

Tom Dearington in ’61 or ’62.

Isabel Hussey arrived in the early 70’s.

David and Elenora Rittersbacher settled here in ’78.

Emma Harvey came to Kansas in 1870, moving to Salina in 1884 as also did Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Winterbotham.

Richard Porter and wife Helen came to Kansas in ’76 and Salina in 1884.

Noah Nothstein settled in Salina about 1880.

Capt. B. F. Pealer and wife Anna came here in 1878, the former living here at the time of his death last year.

George Wilson was another who settled in the county in 1878.

George Moore, A. L. Dodge and Robert Markland came her together in 1878 and established a general merchandise store.

Dr. W. P. Armstrong and wife Hannah settled in Salina in the early 80’s.

Angus and Eliza Haggart, grandparents of E. Q. Haggart, came here from Ohio about 1870.

John and Angeline Mitchel came to this county in ’78.

J. M. Johns about 1881.

D. B. Stimmel and wife Matilda came to the county in 1869.

Information concerning the dates of settlement in this vicinity of the following will be welcomed by Saline County chapter Native Daughters of Kansas. Address Mrs. R. A. Rearwin, president.

David Reese, Frank and Mary Neishburg, Edward E. Kelly, Elizabeth Snyder, Mary Bishop, Mary Macy Bishop, Jonas and Lucinda Benfield, J. L. and Julia Gebhart, John Frain, Hannah Wilson, Geo. and Sarah Banks, George Lay, D. R. and Julia Perry, Jacob and Sarah Carney, Rev. and Mrs. Simpkins, Walter, Kate and Lillie Peck, Eliza Hull, Nathan Converse, S. H. and Jane Williams, Francis and Hariet Sherman, James, Mary and Elisha Wilson, Richard Kear, James Hill, Julia Coburn, Silas Miller, John Almquist, William Harmon, John Hagler, Olof Peterson, Frances Behr, Gustaf and Charlotte Carlson, William Cummings, John and Christina Neimoller, William Cooper, John Sanborn, Joseph Williamson, Aurelia and Ellis Hughes, Mary Srack, Wm. and Elinor Sholl Walter and Caroline Jennerson, Margaret Maxwell, Sam and Rebecca Kennedy.

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