Yr. Settled in County 

Applegate, Mrs. Frances~ 65, Settled in Osborne County in 1878, 332 So. 7th St., Coming from Wisconsin
Barker, F.C.~ , 76, 1878,. Homesteaded where he has lived past 53 years
Benfield, R.W.~ unk age, 1870
Berg, J.S.~ 80, 1874, 326 So. 12th St.
Berrigan, Mrs. William~ 68, Came from Leavenworth Solomon
Bone, Anna~ age unknown, Was born on the ocean. To Topeka 1116 Park at the age of one year.
Burkland, Edd~ 63, 1870
Butzer, William~ age unknown, 1880. Came in March, 420 So. Santa Fe
Dean, John~ 65, Born in Salina, 1337 North 3rd
Dickinson, F.C.~ 71,. 1866,. Settled 1st at Leavenworth, then 249 N. Eighth went to Junction City, then to Saline County.
Donmyer, Mrs. Simon~ 67, 1878 From Pennsylvania, 808 State Street
Douglas, Mrs. H.G.~ 60, Has lived in Saline County all her life.
Dreverell, R.A.~ age unkmown, 1872, from Canada
Drevits, Frannk~ 64, 1883, to Saline County from Sweden.
Duncan, Carrie C.~ age unknown, 1869, Came in July 142 South 10th
Duncan, Joseph~ age unknown, 1870, settled first at Brookville, 142 South 10th
Frederick, Mrs. A.E.~ unknown age, Settled in Franklin Co., in 1867, 615 South 9th St.
Forslund, R.G.~ age unknown, 1870, Coming from Sweden, 402 Montrose
Gillman, William~ age unknown, 1878, Settled in New Cambria, 327 South 5th St.
Hammond, E.N.~ 77, 1872, 904 E. Iron Ave. 
Jeness, Mrs. Mary~ 85, Settled in Ottawa Co. in 1861, 128 North College Ave before the County was organized. Came from Texas. Her father was one of Custer’s Scouts.
Jungel, Charles~ age unknown, Has lived in New Cambria all his New Cambria life.
Jungel, Frank~ age unknown, Has lived in New Cambria all his New Cambria life.
Litowich, B.A.~ 81, 1871. Came from New York by train, 683 South Santa Fe
Menke, Mrs. Isabel~ 70, 1899, Settled in Shawnee Co. in 1868, 312 South 9th St.
Miller, Taylor~ 83, 1869, Came from Indiana. Member of G.A.R. 136 South College
Mills, A.K.~ age unknown, Settled in Norton Co. in 1873. 1506 Osborne
Muir, Asa~ 61, . 1869, . Born in this county in 1869.
Parks, Adele E.~ age unknown, Born in Ellsworth Co. in 1874. 967 Highland
Penix, W.H.~ age unknown, Settled in Russell Co., in 1873 of Salina, coming from Indiana.
Quincy, Fred H.~ 72, 1873. here from Wisconsin
Renton, Adam~ 82, 1869. 303 Center
Ripple, N.P.~ 80, 1875. Coming from Pennsylvania by New Cambria rail. Soldier, Spanish American War
Ryan, J.M. Rev.~ 77, Settled in Riley Co. in 1859. Lived 229 E. Claflin within a radius of 100 miles of Salina during his stay in Kansas.
Sellman, J.A.~ age unknown, 1874. Settled near Gypsum
Shaeffer, J.A.~ 86. 1875. 714 W. Iron Ave.
Struble, F.R.~ 81. 1872. Settled in Bennington.
Taylor, Gal~ age unknown, 1863 .Came 6 months after Bruce Trosper. 326 South Oakdale
Taylor, W.J.~ age unknown, 1869. Born in Salina, son of Gal Taylor. 326 South Oakdale
Trosper, Bruce~ 73, 1863. Distinction of being the longest Solomon time resident in Saline County. Came in wagon drawn by ox team.
White, Robert~ age unknown, 1866. Born in Saline County Route 4, Salina

Scribben, B.G.~ 82, 1869. Came from Peoria to Kansas City Lucas, Kansas by boat and from there by wagon.
Stull, L.L.~76, 1860. Settled in Ottawa county. Came from Illinois.
Tuffle, Lily~ 70, 1866. Settled in Ellsworth Co., coming Tescott, Kansas from Indiana. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs .Andrew Yordy.