Joined and sworn in: May 23, 1864, Ottawa County, Kansas, Co. I of the 15th Regt. Of Kansas State Militia.

1. Schaltenbrand, Edward 1st Lt. 
2. Ingersoll, Andrew J. 2nd Lt. 

1. Boss , Samuel L. 1st Sgt. 
2. Boblett, John C. 1st Sgt. 
3* Kirkby (Kinkby), Lewis 1st Sgt. 
4 Stull, Abraham C. 1st Sgt. 
5 Knight, Richard 1st Sgt. 

1. Wright, S.M. Corp. 
2. Carr, Francis Corp. 
3. Mosher, Isaac F. Corp. 
4. Wagner, Albert Corp. 

1. Dolrymple, Thomas Bugler 

1. Ayers, Seymore Priv. 
2. Boss, Noah Priv. 
3. Boss, Philip S. Priv. 
4. Bruce, Robert Priv. 
5. Covert, Elias Priv. 
6. Covert, James Priv. 
7. Chapman, Stephen Priv. 
8. Carr, E.V. Priv. 
9. Cleveland, Mortimer L. Priv. 
10. Geshwind (Geshmind), Joseph Priv. 
11. Heine, Michael Priv. 
12. Jones, J.N. Priv. 
13. Jones J.C. Priv. 
14. Knight, John Priv. 
15. Krebs, (Knebs), George Priv. 
16. Little, H.R. Priv. 
17. Markley, Israel Priv. 
18. Mosher, Isaac Priv. 
19. Richard, Jesse Priv. 
20. Rehberg, William Priv. 
21. Richard, John Priv. 
22. Reese, Franklin Priv. 
23. Reese, Decatur Priv. 
24. Schaltenbrand, Alb. Priv.

(* ) indicates that more than one spelling is given in pay roll lists.

Those ordered into active service 23 July 1864 at Salina, Kansas by Major Gen. Curtis: A.H. Boss, George Krebs, Schaltenbrand, Franklin Reese, Andrew J. Ingersoll, Decatur Reese, Francis O. Carr and were relieved from Duty 7 August 1864 by Maj. Gen. Curtis with pay $48.00 captain, $43.00 1st Lt., $40.50 2nd Lt., $10.75 corp. and $9.75 priv. 

Those not on active service were detached.